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BTS Drabble Dump II

Title: You Are My Sunshine
Pairing: (girls!)J-Hope/Jimin
Rating: PG
Warning: Recovering from an injury, hurt/comfort, genderswitch
Word Count: 693
Summary: Jimin's girlfriend is a ray of sunshine in her life, and sometimes she likes to return the favor and cheer her up.
Author's Note: My first girl!BTS fic (of probably many). I'm a strong believer that Hoseok is a ray of sunshine personified, hence where this fic came from. Enjoy!

Jimin hums under her breath, a catchy tune she heard playing at the local convenience store, occasionally breaking out into breathy lyrics.Collapse )

Title: Chew, Puppy, Chew
Pairing: Rap Monster/Jungkook
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Fluff, cute newly turned werewolf Jeongguk
Word Count: 677
Summary: Namjoon never imagined there would be a time he would enjoy becoming a newly turned wolf's chew toy.
Author's Note: I ship Jeongguk with everyone, absolutely everyone. Someone please save me ;;

The first time it happened, Namjoon had been caught off guard.Collapse )

Title: You've Got Me
Pairing: V/Jungkook
Rating: G
Warning: Upset Taehyung, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 603
Summary: Jeongguk will always be there to lift Taehyung up when he's feeling down.
Author's Note: This is based off of this cute (but oh so sad) fanart. I saw it, and my brain went wild with a need to write something for it.

Jeongguk smiles, relief flooding his system as he steps through the doorway of Bangtan's dorm.Collapse )

Title: Welcome to Cuddletown
Pairing: J-Hope/V
Rating: G
Warning: hybrid AU, excessive fluff
Word Count: 467
Summary: Taehyung wants all of Hoseok's cuddles.
Author's Note: I have no excuse except my wanting for puppy hybrids Taehyung and Hoseok being snuggly with each other. ;;

"Will you stop moving, Hyung?"Collapse )
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BTS: Silently Next to You (Suga/Jungkook)

Title: Silently Next to You
Pairing: Suga/Jungkook
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Word Count: 1042
Summary: Domestic!AU. When stressed or upset, Yoongi seems to know just what Jeongguk needs to feel better.
Author's Note: I'm in some kind of SugaKookie rut where I don't want to write anything but this pairing, maybe because they've officially become my BTS otp? Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Yoongi is replying to emails from their living room couch when Jeongguk storms through the front door.Collapse )
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BTS Drabble Dump

Title: On Your Doorstep
Pairing: Suga/Jungkook
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of homophobia, mild language
Word Count: 1.2k
Summary: With no idea what he's doing, Jeongguk finds himself at Yoongi's dorm room.
Author's Note: A drabble written for the prompt "Hey sorry but I kinda ran away from home so let me stay over tonight."

When Jeongguk shivers, it's from more than the cold.Collapse )

Title: Good Morning, Beautiful
Pairing: Rap Monster/Jin
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluff, mentions of past alcohol consumption
Word Count: 713w
Summary: Sometimes Namjoon can't help himself from admiring Seokjin.
Author's Note: A drabble written for the prompts: "Why are you staring at me?" and "You're so embarrassing ugh . . ."

When harsh sunlight becomes too much to ignore, piercing through the thin skin of Namjoon's eyelids, Namjoon gives up trying to fall back asleep.Collapse )

Title: Hell No You're Not
Pairing: Suga/Jungkook
Rating: PG13
Warning: Some language
Word Count: 600w
Summary: When nervous, sometimes Jeongguk speaks without thinking about what he's saying.
Author's Note: A drabble written for the prompt: "What do you mean you're not attractive whatthefuck."

End of the year performances are always stressful, no one's exempt from this.Collapse )

Title: Accidental Confession
Pairing: V/Jungkook
Rating: G
Warning: Fluffy cuteness
Word Count: 750w
Summary: Sometimes Taehyung wishes he had a better brain to mouth filter, but sometimes things work out just fine in the end.
Author's Note: A drabble written for the prompt: "Wait what did you just say you love me."

Taehyung is done with staring at notes for his linguistics class, or so he wishes.Collapse )
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GOT7: Double Trouble (Mark/Junior)

Title: Double Trouble
Pairing: Mark/Jinyoung
Rating: G
Warning: Fluff, all the cute fluff!
Word Count: 1k
Summary: Sometimes Mark wonders what he and Jinyoung were thinking when they decided to adopt twins.
Author's Note: This drabble/fic ties in with the JackBum parental fic I wrote, but this time it's MarkJin with twins Youngjae and Yugyeom! I messed with their ages (clearly), so for reference Youngjae and Yugyeom are three years older than Bambam.

"I must have been drunk, or asleep."Collapse )
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GOT7: Precious Cargo (Jaebum/Jackson)

Title: Precious Cargo
Pairing: Jaebum/Jackson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 800
Summary: Jaebum and Jackson tackle the trials of parenthood.
Author's Note: Got7 came into my life like a hurricane that I wasn't prepared for. So here, have some parental!JackBum with their baby!Bambam as my first contribution to the fandom! I hope you enjoy!

Jaebum hums softly, staring at his son's toothy grin with an answering smile of his own.Collapse )
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EXO: In Secret No More (girls!Xiumin/Luhan)

Title: In Secret No More
Pairing: (girls)Xiumin/Lu Han, side Kris/(girl)Lay
Rating: PG
Warning: Genderswitch (Minseok, Lu Han, Yixing, Jongdae, Kyungsoo), closeted relationship
Word Count: 1831
Summary: HP!AU. It may be ten years after the war, but Slytherins and Gryffindors still don't associate with each other.
Author's Note: I've had this sitting in my story ideas doc for a long time, thought I would finally write it. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment! :)

Lu Hua is easy to spot, even from across the Great Hall, mouth wide open as she laughs at something one of her fellow Gryffindors says.Collapse )
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