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Super Junior: Made to Be (Yesung/girl!Ryeowook)

Title: Made to Be
Pairing: YeWook (girl!Ryeowook)
Side Pairings: KangTeuk, WonKyu (girl!Kyuhyun), EunHae (girl!Donghae), KaiSoo (girl!Jongin), BaekYeol (girl!Baekhyun)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language, genderswitch, girl!Ryeowook, girl!Kyuhyun, girl!Donghae, girl!Jongin, girl!Baekhyun, girl!Yixing
Word Count: 2533
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys.
Summary: Jongwoon has an amazing girlfriend; Ryeowook's cute, supportive, funny, mischievous, and a bit eccentric. He doesn't know what he would do without her.
Author's Note: So, I feel like it's a must for YeWook authors to write something based off of this pic. I'm keeping everyone's name as is, in the hope of avoiding any confusion.

Hanging up the last poster for his band's upcoming performance on the music hall's bulletin board, Jongwoon began patting himself on the back. Figuratively of course, he didn't go around public making odd gestures in front of virtual strangers regardless of what his girlfriend might say. Picking up after himself, he gave one last approving glance at the poster. He would have to thank Chanyeol for finding someone to create them, as no one in the band was artistically inclined. Their posters last year had been awful, and the dark-haired male was convinced that they hadn't been the reason people had come to their shows. This year would be different, as the band had managed to also gain venue in a popular club off of campus.

His girlfriend, Ryeowook, had been going around campus all week telling anyone who would listen. She already had a group of people whom she planned on dragging along, a group which seemed to grow each day. She was also, Jongwoon realized when he glanced at the time, going to be showing up at his dorm room anytime now while he wasn't there.

“Shit! This took longer than I thought,” he mumbled to himself as he sent her a quick text. The music hall was on the opposite side of campus as his dorm, and even at a steady jog it would still take ten minutes to get there. Closer to fifteen for Jongwoon who refused to run while carrying spare posters, tape and scissors. The last thing he needed was to accidentally kill himself, probably by tripping and landing on said scissors.

His phone beeped with an incoming test: I'm already here, waiting outside your room! <3

Chuckling Jongwoon slipped his phone back inside his jacket, then set off for the boys dorm halls. The streets were packed full of students, some rushing to class and others wandering aimlessly, slowing his progress. Letting out an annoyed grunt, the dark-haired man fought back a whine. He just wanted to see his girlfriend, who had been absent for the last week studying for a test. Was that too much to ask for? Luckily, most of the students seemed to be heading for the cafeteria, so when they past said building, most of the crowd departed from the sidewalk.

Five minutes later, after quickening his pace to a brisk walk, Jongwoon was stepping out of the stairwell on the second floor of his dorm building. He was quickly greeted by the sight of his girlfriend, who was standing all the way on the other side of the hallway, her back to him and facing his door. As he was about to call out to her, Jongwoon's eyebrows shot up when he finally took note of what Ryeowook was doing, which was a poor attempt at dancing. Or in the middle of a strange standing-up seizure. Her hips were wiggling back and forth in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, arms flailing in the air either out to the side or above her head (causing her red sweatshirt to ride up, revealing a thin strip of tan skin much to Jongwoon's horror and delight). Walking down the hallway faster than he ever had before, Jongwoon caught sight of her headphone cord at the same time that he noticed she was singing. He quickly matched the words to Chu by f(x), a song Ryeowook had been obsessively watching performances for the song the past couple of weeks. Her favorite song at the moment, she had claimed when he had asked.

Walking up behind her, Jongwoon grabbed her wrists and brought them down in front of her body, ignoring the surprised scream that fell from Ryeowook's mouth. Essentially hugging her from behind, trapping her arms within his, Jongwoon waited for her to turn her head towards him, relief flickering across her face at recognizing her boyfriend. She smelled like the exotic fruit shampoo and body wash set he had gotten for her birthday, which immensely pleased him. Reassured that she wasn't going to start dancing again (or elbow him in the gut), he pressed a quick kiss to her cheek then let go of her arms.

“You shouldn't dance like that in the middle of a hallway in the boy's dorm,” Jongwoon scolded his pouting girlfriend after she removed the headphones from her ears. “Someone might see.”

“Are you afraid I'm going to embarrass you,” Ryeowook shot back. She tightened one of the loose buns in her hair, then repeated the action for the other.

“I'm less concerned about being embarrassed, and more about the fact that we're currently surrounded by horny college males. They don't need any visual fodder for their perverted fantasies,” Jongwoon muttered as he opened his door.

Ryeowook laughed, the sound melodious, and followed him in the room before sitting on his bed. “I hate to break it to you, but I'm sure you fall under the category of horny college male. And don't try to tell me that the visual isn't going to be used for your own perverted purposes.” She looked at him pointedly, eyebrows raised amusingly.

Jongwoon choose not to answer, instead realizing that the materials he had been carrying were on the floor by the stairwell, dropped in his haste to stop his girlfriend. He made quick work of fetching them, relieved to find the posters undamaged, and returned to his room to drop them off on his desk.

“Hey!” Ryeowook pouted, catching his attention from where she was still perched on his bed. “Grabbing me from behind doesn't count as a greeting! I demand you do it properly.”

Chuckling, Jongwoon ambled over to his girlfriend, pulling her up on her feet so she was standing, her height falling just shorter than his. He slid his arms around her waist, tugged her forward so she rested snugly against his body, her arms looped around his neck. Taking a moment to admire how well she fit against him, moderately sized chest pressing pleasantly against his own, Jongwoon finally leaned forward. Moving his lips smoothly against hers in a simple kiss, enjoying the taste of her strawberry chapstick, a pleasant warmth settling in his chest just like every other time their lips met. Pulling just his head back, he smiled warmly at her which she returned.

“How did you test go today?”

“Great! I aced it for sure.”

“I knew you could do it! Want to celebrate?” Jongwoon asked.

“Celebrate? It's a Wednesday afternoon, Oppa. Besides,” Ryeowook continued as she glanced at her watch, “I promised the others we would meet them in half an hour at the cafe.”

“What? But I was hoping we could spend the afternoon with just the two of us. I haven't seen you in a week,” he whined.

“Well, that's too bad. We're hanging out with our friends first. We can spend time together afterward,” she consoled. “Wait, where's Jungsu-oppa? He doesn't usually have class at this time,” she asked, referring to Jongwoon's missing roommate.

“He's spending this week with his boyfriend, I haven't seen him since Saturday,” Jongwoon shrugged. “Said he'd be back sometime Sunday afternoon.”

“Oh, that's right! I forgot Youngwoon-oppa's roommate changed rooms. Jungsu-oppa should move in with him, the two are practically glued at the hip anyway. And they've been dating forever!”

“Can't. Youngwoon found out that he's getting a new roommate on Sunday, which is probably the only reason Jungsu is coming back. Did I tell you that they're getting an apartment for next semester? I might have the room all to myself,” he bragged.

Ryeowook chuckled, “Or you could get a new roommate. Who knows, maybe this time your roommate will be straight, and he won't hit on you.”

Jongwoon groaned, remembering when he had first met Jungsu as first year students. The other had quite openly flirted with Jongwoon, who hadn't known how to react before deciding a gentle let down of “I'm straight” would have to do. Ryeowook, who was a year younger, had still been in high school at the time and had learned later on when she and Jongwoon started dating. She still found the story hysterical, and continued to bring it up when he didn't expect it.

“Though, I do have to admit. The thought of you making out with another guy is kind of hot,” she casually added a moment later, causing Jongwoon to choke on the air he was breathing.

“You what!”

“I think it would be hot,” she shrugged. “Just saying. Wouldn't you think it would be hot if I made out with another girl? It's some kind of guy fantasy, isn't it? Watching girls make out.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Jongwoon decided the best course of action would be to pretend Ryeowook had never brought the topic up. “Hey, shouldn't we get going? We don't want to keep the other's waiting too long.” Then he blinked, “Wait, who are we meeting up with?”


The others, as it turned out, were Ryeowook's friends Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Jongdae, Kyungsoo, and Baekhyun. Jongwoon was used to hanging out with her friends, all of whom Ryeowook met through the music program they all were majoring in. Kyungsoo and Baekhyun were the only ones there when they arrived, Jongwoon's arm wrapped possessively around Ryeowook's lithe shoulders.

“Noona!” Kyungsoo called from where he had just set down a tray of food, Baekhyun was next to him also placing her tray on the table.

It took twenty minutes for everyone to show up, collect their food, and settle down at the table, during which Jongwoon's friend Eunhyuk joined them with his girlfriend Donghae. Ryeowook immediately started chatting with Sungmin and Kyuhyun, the three girls discussing that morning's test. From what Jongwoon could gather, it was for a music history class required for all music majors.

“Oh! Before I forget! Everyone's coming to the concert next week, right?” Ryeowook asked, addressing everyone at the table. It was a given that Jongwoon and Jongdae would be there, as they were two of the three band members, and Ryeowook's attendance was also obvious. The other's all nodded their heads, Kyuhyun even informing them that her boyfriend Choi Siwon would be attending.

“Awesome, the more people we can get to come the better,” Jongdae commented, sounding thrilled.

“I've invited the whole dance team, it sounds like most of them are going to make it as well,” Eunhyuk added.

“Well then, at this rate, we're definitely getting a good turn out.” Jongwoon couldn't keep the excitement out of his voice, smiling brightly to Ryeowook who had turned to look at him.

“Everything will work out, just you wait and see,” she said.

She then side-eyed Kyungsoo, smile becoming mischievous before turning to Eunhyuk. “Do you know if Jongin-sshi's going to make it?”

Oh boy. Ryeowook was match making again, and Jongwoon could only hope she wouldn't do anything too drastic.


Fiddling with the microphone one last time, Jongwoon headed off stage to meet up with Chanyeol and Jongdae. He wanted to make sure they were all on the same page about the set of songs they were performing. Just as he was about to reach them, he was almost bowled over by a force from behind, thin arms clutching tightly around his waist as a chin settled itself on his right shoulder. A quick glance proved the force to be Ryeowook. Of course.

“Hey! Are you trying to knock me over? I still have to appear on stage you know!” Jongwoon mocked, twisting in his girlfriend's hold. He brought up his arms to cling around her shoulders, then started swaying their bodies back and forth, almost toppling Ryeowook over.

She giggled, tightening her hold before responding. “I wanted to say good luck before you go on stage. Baekhyun-sshi and I are going to be sitting with Jungsu-oppa and Youngwoon-oppa.” She nodded her head in the direction where Baekhyun was now shyly greeting Chanyeol, both had flushed cheeks and were fidgeting nervously.

“Did you drag poor Baekhyun over here? Maybe I should start calling you cupid if you're going to play matchmaker with all of our single friends,” he joked.

Ryeowook stuck her tongue out at him, “I'm just helping. They both clearly wanted to talk to each other anyway.”

“Oh? I suppose that's how it was for Kyungsoo and Jongin-sshi? They seemed awfully close at the table earlier, when I passed it.”

“I didn't do anything to interfere with them, I swear! All I did was make sure that Jongin-sshi was going to show up, then we met up with Kyungsoo to walk here together,” Ryeowook defended, adamantly shaking her head.

“Mm hm, if you say so.”

Jongwoon leaned down, quickly closing the short distance between them to press a kiss to her lips. He tasted the ever-present strawberry chapstick she never seemed to run out of, soft lips sliding pleasantly underneath his own. Hearing her breath hitch, Jongwoon deepened the kiss, sucking gently on her bottom lip. Ryeowook moaned, sounding like a high-pitched whine, encouraging him to continue except not everyone was as thrilled about their lip-lock as they were.

“Would you two stop! I'd tell you to get a room, except we have to be on stage soon, so . . . stop it!” Jongdae yelled from somewhere behind Jongwoon.

Ryeowook let out a throaty chuckle, pulling away first to smile brightly at her boyfriend. “Spoil sport!” She yelled over his shoulder.

“It's not my fault this isn't the time or place to be sucking face!”

“Admit it, you're just jealous!” she shot back, ignoring Jongdae's indignant sputtering to turn back to Jongwoon. “I suppose I should go back to the others, let you finish getting ready.”

“It's not like we're never going to see each other,” Jongwoon chuckled. “We're still on to hangout after the show, right?”

“Yes! Yixing left earlier today to go home for the weekend, and part of next week, so we can hang out at my room this time.” Ryeowook's eyelids became hooded, her lips turning to a sultry smile that Jongwoon had learned early on in their relationship to interrupt as being dangerous. She leaned in close, whispering, “We'll have the whole room to ourselves all weekend long.” Ryeowook ended the statement with a quick swipe of her tongue against the outer shell of his ear.

His girlfriend pulled back completely, smiling innocently as if she hadn't just whispered something dirty into his ear. “I'll see you after the show,” she said, grabbing Baekhyun and turning around to find their other friends. Jongwoon's eyes were glued to her retreating form, hips swaying in a way that he knew Ryeowook was doing on purpose.

Normally Jongwoon would appreciate the gesture, but he had to be on stage in five minutes surrounded by a crowd of rowdy college students. Now was not the time to be pitching a tent in his pants, he tried to convince his body. His efforts ended unsuccessfully.

Tags: !fanfic, fandom: super junior, genderswitch, m/f, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, rating: pg-13

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